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Why Green?

There is a growing buzz in the industry and it centers on 'Green' flooring. People are making conscious efforts to invest in products that will not only beautify their homes, but will help to preserve our environment. There are a lot of factors that help to make products 'Green'; they are either comprised from renewable resources, made with a percentage of recycled content, or produced in factories that are powered by 'green' resources. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a 'Green' product, is that it will not product harmful off-gassing or V.O.C's; you can breathe easy because these products will ensure a healthy living space.

We can work with clients for commercial projects that require L.E.E.D. certified products; offering product specifications and providing you with the information that you need to ensure you are meeting project requirements. We carry an array of products that meet these certifications, and we can help to spec the most suitable product for your application.

At Central Alberta Tile One, we understand the importance of preserving our environment and we will help you to make responsible choices for your next project.


Feel good choosing green products for your next project by knowing that you're helping to preserve our environment! Many green products include recycled content that has been saved from entering a land-fill. Green products tend to offer low VOC’s, can be LEED certified, and some are even hypoallergenic. It feels good to make a choice that will help preserve our Earth; we all need to do our part because we only have one!