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Cork is revered for its many fine features; it is a green product, it offers 3 different levels of comfort, and cork can be installed with ease (like laminate flooring).

Cork is a green product that is harvested mainly in Portugal; the Cork Oak tree is not harmed when the cork is harvested. The cork is hand-harvested in teams of 2; the bark is cut by hand with small hatchets, stacked and left to cure for 12 months until ready for use. The first harvest of cork occurs after 25 years of growth, and then cork can be safely harvested every 9 years from that point forward. Contrary to urban myth, there is no shortage of cork due to wine cork production. Cork is a renewable resource that you can feel good about having in your home.

Cork offers three different levels of comfort; shock-absorption, thermal comfort and acoustic comfort. The shock absorption benefit makes cork the most comfortable floor on the market, as your heel strikes the floor the cork offers spring after it has absorbed the heel-strike. This makes cork a great choice for a kitchen, exercise room or kid's playroom. Cork insulates against warmth and cold, and is suitable for installation over in-floor heat. When installed over in-floor heat, it will take longer to bring the cork up to the desired temperature, but it will hold the heat better than any other flooring on the market. Cork offers excellent sound absorption; this makes it the perfect flooring for a home theatre room.

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Cork flooring is a natural, biodegradable, and renewable flooring which makes it a top choice for anyone looking for green flooring options. At Central Alberta Tile One we carry both cork planks, as well as cork tiles. Cork is an ideal flooring choice in providing above standard sound insulation and shock absorption in addition to providing and maintaining an optimal floor temperature throughout the entire year. Cork by nature improves air quality as it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and insect resistant as well as the fact that it’s naturally resistant to mould and mildew.