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Although on the surface it would appear all vinyl deck membranes are created equal, however nothing could actually be farther from the truth. Utilizing the skills of a successful and proven manufacturer of PVC films and PVC roofing, Tufdek worked diligently to make a better looking and better performing product then their competitors. Tufdek has spent the culmination of decade’s long research and development combined with extensive lab and field testing to fulfil the need to make the best waterproof & slip resistant deck and roof system in the industry.

Tufdek is the only product with scuff guard, which improves the wear and abrasion resistance making it last much longer. They also have ‘weft Reinforcement’ which makes Tufdek twice as strong as the competition, no more ripping or torn decks! We assume people intend to use and abuse Tufdek, that is what happens in real life. The name Tufdek wasn’t chosen by accident, it is the internal structure of the product that makes it “Tuf”, and no other vinyl deck product comes close. We know you want a product that can take everyday life and Tufdek won’t let you down.

Tufdek is the industry leader for areas such as Balconies, Deck’s, Roof-top Patios or above grade concrete slabs. Tufdek is a sheet good which is fully adhered to the surface, then thermally welded at all joints, connections and stands up to create a 100% waterproof, long lasting, and attractive walking surface.

Also available within the Tufdek line is PVC coated metal (Tuf-Clad). These come in 4 great solid colors to match your existing Tufdek and building exterior. Tuf-Clas is the easiest and most efficient way to terminate membrane details. The metal is fastened to the edge of the deck, and the membrane is then welded to the metal to ensure a superior long lasting waterproof finish.

Available in the most unique and sought after designs, Tufdek has a pattern and color to compliment any building’s exterior. At Tufdek, they take pride in offering “The World’s STRONGEST Vinyl Decking”, but quite simply, the best looking & effective deck waterproofing system on the market. Tufdek also provides written warranties that are the most comprehensive in the business, so you know you’ll be getting the absolute best protection.

Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, or home owner; if you’ve been looking for a product that actually works and lives up to all the “HYPE”, then look no further.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non wicking weft insertion
  • Burnt and flame resistant
  • Antibacterial biocides to prevent mold and mildew
  • UV stabilization
  • Exceptional vinyl to vinyl weld ability
  • Superior state of the art laminated construction

Designer Birch Plank
Designer Brownstone
Designer Fir Plank
Designer Greystone
Marble Beige
Marble Grey
Solid Stone
Solid Wicker
Supreme Graphite
Supreme Pearl
Supreme Walnut


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Tufdek is the luxurious sheet vinyl decking commonly used on balconies, decks, rooftops, patios or above grade concrete slabs. Tufdek is our aggressive competitor to the other sheet vinyl products on the market, Tufdek comes with a more substantial wear layer called Scuff guard coating. We supply & install Tufdek in its many beautiful patterns including, wood plank, aggregate, solids and more traditional speckled patterns.