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Linoleum / Marmoleum

Marmoleum has been an integral part of the flooring industry since 1879. It is still an industry leader & is still now noted for its ‘green’ characteristics that have remained virtually unchanged since its beginning. Marmoleum is manufactured from linseed oil, an oil that is produced by pressing the seeds of the flax plant. These are easy to cultivate and there is an immense supply. Pine rosins are then mixed with the linseed oil to product a flexible binder. The pine trees from which the rosins are extracted exist in abundance throughout the world. Wood flour is also a component of Marmoleum, which is obtained through controlled forestry, including the planting of special forests. When it comes to the beautiful line of colors, only ecologically friendly pigments are used. Lastly, the backing for marmoleum is made from spun yarn of strong jute fiber, which is plentiful and highly renewable.

Marmoleum’s natural ingredients and bacteriostatic properties fight the common allergens found in most living spaces. Because it’s so easy to clean, Marmoleum makes life easier for people with Asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. The marmoleum click is the first flooring product to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as being asthma & allergy friendly, and has been scientifically tested and proven to be a more suitable flooring option for people with asthma and allergies.

Marmoleum click floating floor system panels and squares simply “click” into place. No messy glue is needed. It’s also anti-static so dust won’t cling to it, making it easier to keep homes cleaner. With a cork backing, Marmoleum is also a suitable flooring for being comfortable and quiet.


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