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Planning Your Next Design Project


Posted on April 09, 2013

As a designer and decorator with a long-standing belief of “Buy What You Love”, I always encourage clients to pick one item they fall in love with and build from there. Whether its replacing that worn out carpet, or purchasing that gorgeous set of bedding you ran across last week at your favorite décor haunt, it’s the stuff that reflects your personality that makes your house your home.



Posted on March 25, 2013

In past years the Granite Industry has rapidly increased in demand, from small residential remodels and new homes, to huge commercial projects. Granite countertops add style and value to any home while incorporating a truly unique look created by nature which is impossible to replicate. Each piece of granite is truly a work of art, each with its own veining and unique color variations. There are no two pieces exactly the same.

Red Deer 2013 Home Show


Posted on March 15, 2013

Thank-you to everyone that stopped by the 2013 Red Deer Home Show; we are proud to announce that we brought home the award for the 'Best Large Booth 2013"! If you missed the show, we switched gears this year & we focused on showcasing what you can do with your outdoor space.

Trust Yourself


Posted on March 12, 2013

Ever notice when helping out a friend making Décor choices for THEIR Home it comes so easy; Yet when it comes to your own home it suddenly becomes overwhelming and you are consumed with self-doubt and indecision. Why is that?

Marvelous Flooring Art


Posted on March 06, 2013

In keeping up with our Central Alberta Tile One Twitter account, one of our suppliers recently posted a link to a website stating "Amazing what can be done with natural materials - Hardwood Floors article: Dane makes 'Marbelous' Wood Flooring Art." I was intrigued so I followed the link. What I found is really beautiful!!

I Keep Falling in Love...


Posted on February 25, 2013

I keep falling in love…with natural stone products”. My recent trip to Europe has once again confirmed my “love affair” with natural stone. Whether it‘s travertine, slate, marble or granite, I am repeatedly drawn to the unique beauty of these timeless products that are harvested from the varying landscapes of the world.

Dust Bunnies


Posted on February 19, 2013

When asked to do a blog about flooring, I started hyperventilating and had a small panic attack. I was never good at writing, so what do I do in time of crisis? GO SHOPPING!!!



Posted on December 29, 2012

Come check out this new favorite- see if you can 'Imagine' it in your home!is a ¾" thick product that is perfectly dimensionally stable in wide widths and various species. Stop by the store to see the Solid Sawn hardwood samples and learn about why we feel that this floor is an industry leader.

Vintage Hardwood


Posted on December 29, 2012

We are proud to be the exclusive dealer for Vintage Hardwood in Red Deer.

In Floor Electric vs Boiler


Posted on November 20, 2012

I get asked all the time what is the difference between in-floor heat and boiler heat.

Building a Steam Shower

Do It Yourself

Posted on November 20, 2012

Recently I was at a friend's house that he had purchased and he gave me the grand tour. When we came to the ensuite he was telling me all about the steam shower. I let him gloat but in my head I couldn't help but noticing a few deficiencies.

The Daunting Interior Selection Appointment


I have always loved pulling samples together & creating room concepts, so when I started working at Central Alberta Tile One it came as a huge surprise to find how many clients are terrified about selecting products for their homes! Quite often the first words I hear out of my clients mouths are "I've been dreading this appointment" or "I have NO idea what I want, this is going to be tough!"