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Nautical Inspired Nursery


Posted on June 01, 2017

Just recently I was told I would soon be a gramma, and my mind started racing with design ideas for the “Nursery”.  My daughter came up with ideas and I found products to fit.  A nautical theme was decided on, and I was off and running.  The room already had beautiful hardwood flooring, so we decided on a nice plush and soft area rug.  Wood on walls is a popular decorating trend, so we went with it, picking a distressed laminate for accent walls behind the crib.  Remember, just because it’s called flooring doesn’t mean it has to be installed on the floor.

Cat1 carries lots of different products that can be used for these accent walls, like vinyl plank, laminate, prefab wall panels and As-Is wood planks. It is amazing to see the transformation from a painted wall into a feature wall!!

Designer ~ Vicki

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Hotmail Issues


Posted on December 03, 2014

We recently found out there have been some issues with our customers receiving our emails. This problem has apparently been going on for several months, and either all or a majority of our Central Alberta Tile One outgoing email's which were addressed to a HOTMAIL account were blocked.