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Luxurious Leather Flooring by Torlys


Luxurious Leather Flooring by Torlys

Posted on July 20, 2018

We are happy to announce that we are now carrying Torlys flooring in our showroom!  This is exciting for us, because we now carry their sought-after leather flooring; leather flooring is a luxe option that has not been available to us until now.

 This product is a floating floor that has a similar make-up to cork flooring. The bottom layer is an attached cork underlayment with added anti-microbial protection, the middle layer is a high-quality HDF core and the top surface is supple leather.  The beauty of leather captures your senses; the familiar smell of leather will fill your room and the timeless visual & tactile appeal are immediately apparent. Instant Luxury!

Some of the benefits to leather flooring is that it is colour-fast & will not fade when exposed to UV rays. Torlys Leather is made from 100% recycled leather & is manufactured in an environmentally concious manner. Due to the nature of this product, samples are sent out from the factory for approval prior to order to ensure that clients are happy with the coloration before committing to their floor. 

Torlys is a Canadian-Portuguese company that has a flair for cork products (being that cork is primarily sourced from Portugual). The name Torlys is derived from a combo of Toronto-Lisbon, or Tor-Lys; we think it's great that we have added another high-quality North American supplier to our line-up.  Torlys has come out with the patented Smart Floor system; they are the only manufacturers that have a tool that makes removing a damaged floor board from the centre of the floor a breeze with their 'Bulldog' tool.  No more unclicking your floating floor to get to the damaged piece! Torlys is also a very 'green' company; environmental conservation is at the forefront of their marketing.

Stop by our showroom, we would be happy to show you our new product and share our knowledge and excitement with you. 

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