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2014/2015 Trends


2014/2015 Trends

Posted on August 21, 2018

Interior design trends from 2014 have been both bold and approachable. With the parade of visual inspiration on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, consumers are becoming more attuned to and accepting of new fashion-ready trends, which are adaptable to the home environment without sacrificing comfort, practicality or longevity. 

Grey has been the neutral color of choice for new home builds and renovations. Natural and earth tones were all the rage for a long time; however they have been slowly loosing favoritism next to the greys which tend to be paired with pops of color. Patterns that gained popularity this year are geometric and linear designs. Abstract designs have been trending in the market, and large-scale patterns are significantly more prevalent then small scale patterns. Contemporary looks continued to dominate this year, followed by clean, simple aesthetics. Natural looks are not as in demand as they were last year, while various retro looks are gaining prominence. Dramatic impact is achieved with an effortless simplicity using vibrant, saturated colour. The chameleonic power of navy allows this classic to function like a neutral within almost any setting; while hunter green is similarly genre-defying, blending seamlessly into current palettes. Pinks have also been on everyone’s IT LIST this year. Unabashedly bright & happy, pink has sailed into sophistication as a use-anywhere hue.

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