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Posted on July 01, 2017

Canada Day 150!
WOW—Canada is 150! We hope that everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing long weekend celebrating with friend and family.
For those of us in the building and construction industry, we are used to seeing change every day within our work environment. But have you ever thought about the changes in the housing industry over the time that Canada became a country in 1867?
The change in structure alone is staggering! Types of building materials, insulation, and roofing. Then came heating—and indoor plumbing!! From hand-sawn lumber to huge mills processing the lumber we need. R-values, new and improved windows, high-efficiency furnaces, low VOC paints, and the movement towards LEED and Green Certified products and projects.
It’s an ever-changing industry. It keeps us on our toes. Our Interior Design trends change constantly, and we love to see the new colors and styles of interiors pop up.
Makes you wonder what the next 150 years will bring for our homes and the building industry.
Stay tuned!!

Stacey Swain, Design Consultant

Canada 150

Online Flooring Purchases


Posted on February 05, 2015

In this day & age clients are accustomed to shopping online, we are often asked why we do not offer online purchasing through our website- there are several reasons for this. 

January Q & A


Posted on January 12, 2015

Looking for some cues on cutting edge design or solutions to your existing design dilemma? The web is a great resource for inspiration & feedback. 

Hotmail Issues


Posted on December 03, 2014

We recently found out there have been some issues with our customers receiving our emails. This problem has apparently been going on for several months, and either all or a majority of our Central Alberta Tile One outgoing email's which were addressed to a HOTMAIL account were blocked.

Ask the Expert Contest


Posted on November 20, 2014

Do you have a question for us in regards to your new build or renovation? It can be pretty hard to find a straight answer sometimes with all of the contradicting advice and opinions you get from friends, family and web searches. Well were looking for some great questions to feature in our 'Ask the Expert' column which is written & posted in the Red Deer Express!