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Free Site Measures

When looking for an accurate quote, the best method is to have a site measure done. This will ensure our numbers are as close as possible to the final costs whether it's just supply or supply & install. It also helps us to understand the current conditions the home is in and what the installers will encounter while at the job site.

Generally it's great to come in to our store to get an overall idea of what you'd like so our designers can properly inform our installers of which type of flooring will be going where, as each measure will include different circumstances depending on the material being installed.

How the process works is our designers will give our measurers all your information, and what's required. Then they will call and arrange a date and time that works for you. On the day of measure one of our employees will arrive at your home and they will then briefly discuss the material they have to ensure all the information is correct. They will then make a rough drawing of flooring areas and accompany this with the proper measurements. They will also ask specific questions to ensure all bases have been covered. They will then forward the information to your designer whom will then complete your quote and forward it to you.

This process typically can take 1-2 weeks depending on the season and how busy our measurer's are. Patience is greatly appreciated if you're under a strict schedule. We do our best to ensure your job will be done according to your timeline.

All site measures are free, with no obligation.