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Meet the Owners / Operators

Shannon Moench

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I was introduced into the flooring industry back around 1985. My brother was a ticketed tile installer in Calgary and he took on a large, 6 month tile installation job at the Ponoka Hospital; that’s where I started. After working alongside my brother on that job, I moved to Calgary and continued to work in the ‘big city’. I continued installing for a couple of years, then took a break, returning to tile installations in 1995. My brother helped me to land a couple of big contracts in Red Deer, and the rest is history.

I opened Central Alberta Tile One (the retail store) around 1999. Thank God my wife had a great outside job to pay the bills! After a couple of tough years, I figured out that in order to run a big store, you need to surround yourself with good people. That’s when I started hiring from the inside out. To this day, I give a lot of credit to my staff for the success of Central Alberta Tile One. At Central Alberta Tile One, my ultimate goal is to have happy customers and to be able to offer the industry leading, latest and greatest products available. I always say there is no better way to operate your business then by staying one step ahead of your competitors; that has been our key to success.

Troy Larsen


Flooring has always been a part of my life. My family has owned & operated a flooring store in Saskatchewan longer than I have been around; so, you could say I was born & raised in the industry.

I worked as a contract installer for hardwood, carpet and sheet goods residentially and commercially for 25 years. I've had the opportunity to tour manufacturing plants for sheet vinyl, carpet and hardwood; these tours helped to give me a greater understanding of the products that I was installing and am now selling to clients.

In 2006 I joined Shannon's team as flooring installation manager/coordinator and business partner. Working at Tile One was my introduction to the retail side of the flooring business. Because I have come from the installation side of the industry, my main focus centers around details, adhering to manufacturer's standards and installation guidelines to ensure all warranties will be upheld by the suppliers.

It is my goal to ensure that our installations exceed our customer's expectations. I understand that the success of an installation starts with the substrate and details that you can't even see once the flooring has been installed. Prep work is arguably the most important part of the flooring process and we perform site measures to address these details before flooring is even sold to our clients. I take pride in managing a top notch installation staff of over 30 installers; I have worked hard to compile a crew that meets or exceeds our installation standards at Tile One.

Dean Gillespie


I have been involved in the flooring industry for over half of my life. I guess it was my brother that lead by example and got me interested in tile setting early on; prior to that I worked for the City of Red Deer in Parks & Recreation. I followed my interest in tile setting when friends of mine got awarded a bid to work on a large tile project in the mall and asked if I could help them out. After working with them in the field, I decided that this was something that I could see myself doing long-term and I pursued my career. I am a ticketed Journeyman tile setter, and I have been working directly in the industry for the last 25 years. I joined Shannon’s team in 2006, shortly after Troy started grooming the carpet/lino/hardwood division; it has been my job to streamline the tile division and oversee the operation of this end of the business.

My goal has always been to provide top quality installations by paying attention to detail and to ensure product is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. I understand that tile is a long term commitment and an investment, so it is imperative that my clients are receiving the highest level of quality. My current role at Tile One is to oversee 15 crews of tile setters, scheduling all tile installations and looking after the general operations of the tile division. Because of my strong desire for top quality installation jobs, I've helped to handpick Red Deer’s best installers to help represent Central Alberta Tile One. My industry knowledge has been a valuable asset, it helps to troubleshoot potential problems and ensure the job is done properly.