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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between porcelain & ceramic tile, which is better?

Porcelain is tile that has been fired for a longer time at a higher temperature- it is typically more durable than ceramic. With proper installation, you will never wear tile out in a residential application- should never wear through the top glaze in a home. It is more crucial to use porcelain tile in a commercial application. Some quick ways to tell the differences between ceramic & porcelain are as follows: porcelain tile does not typically have a red bisque; if you wet the underside of the tile & it darkens (takes on moisture) it is probably a ceramic. Sometimes the boxes and sample boards will state if they are porcelain or ceramic.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This can vary depending on the supplier; special orders generally take roughly 2 weeks or 10 working days to come in. To help to determine an accurate date, we need to establish where the stock will be located & if there are upcoming holidays or nasty weather that might cause a delay. Whenever possible we can call the supplier to do a stock check, or check the online order system for a rough ETA.

I need an exact 12x12 tile for my bathroom to avoid cutting. What do you have?

It is rare to find a tile that is exactly 12x12 or 13x13, 9 times out of 10 they are just over or just under- unless you choose to use natural stone or a rectified tile, it is almost impossible to get the exact sizing required. Also, there WILL be cuts required. There will be cuts required around floor vents; the room may not be perfectly square, etc- these are all typical problems that arise during installations.

Is the freight charge on my invoice a delivery charge?

No, this is the freight from the supplier to our warehouse. If you would like delivery to site we can provide a quote for you.

Do you rent tile saws?

Yes, we do rent saws (wet saws & score/snap tile cutters). We will need to determine the type & size of tile to be cut & make arrangements to book a tile saw for you. (Natural stone & high quality porcelain tile will require wet saw cuts). There are discounted rates for weekend rentals

How is tile installation priced?

This varies a lot! Depends on size of job, size of tile, application (wall/floor), and pattern. Small jobs will be quoted based on an hourly install charge and larger jobs generally by the square foot.

I want my tile to look EXACTLY like this sample, can you guarantee that my order will be the same?

Unfortunately, no. Tile is a man-made product & is subject to dye lot changes. We cannot guarantee that it will be identical to a sample. Another example is floor tile with coordinating wall tile, mosaics & listello- they will probably not all match each other; sometimes they are manufactured in different factories and have a subtle differences in sheen, texture or color. This is acceptable within manufacturers tolerances, please be aware of this possibility.

What is the difference between engineered hardwood & solid hardwood?

Engineered hardwood has been engineered to be dimensionally stable in our climate. You will generally find a plywood or alternative core in these products. Engineered products come in extra wide widths and lengths and some can be installed on all grades (ex. basement floors). There is a vast array of engineered product on the market.

Is hardwood a durable flooring solution for my home?

Harwood is a natural product & is subject to dents, dings & scratches. With proper care (ex. Felts on furniture, proper cleaning products) your hardwood floor should perform well, we can help you to select a species of wood that is ‘harder’ or we can direct you towards a distressed floor that is easier to live with.

Do I require a humidifier for my new Hardwood?

Yes, all hardwood flooring requires a humidifier to keep moisture levels at a constant year round. This will curb against gapping & shrinking.

Can I install my hardwood the same day I pick it up?

No, hardwood needs to acclimate for a week or so in the space that it is to be installed in. Sometimes hardwood has just shipped from the mill & requires time to dry and adjust to the temperature and humidity of your space. Your substrate should be moisture tested with a hydrometer & should match your hardwood’s moisture content for a worry free installation.

If I provide the square footage of my room can you quote carpet pricing?

No. Carpet comes in 12’ or 15’ widths and will have seams. We provide free carpet measures/estimates to ensure that your carpet lays out properly in your space with minimal seams.

Can I return my special order product?

We will evaluate each situation case by case. There is a 30day return window, we can only take full cartons of product back & all returns are subject to a restocking fee & freight charges to send the product back to the supplier. Please contact your sales person for more information. Please verify your measures prior to ordering. (Stock products can be returned within the 30 day window).